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This tutorial was written & all screenshots done in PSP9. Some extra files and a few extra instructions have been made for PSP7 users, and you should be able to get similar results. Please do not offer any of my materials for download anywhere and only offer a text link to my tutorial URL. I do not wish my tutorials to be translated. You may save an offline copy for your own use, of course. Thank you for your courtesy........God bless, Diana


Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9

Funhouse Filters (Set 2)
We'll be using Sectorize & SpyroZag from Funhouse 2.
You'll need to download the complete set to your Plugins folder
(I suggest making a Funhouse sub-folder within it) .
If you want Funhouse Set 1 as well, just follow their link back.
Download links are at right of the sample pics, below descriptions.)

PSP9/PSP8 Brushes Zip (includes the following):
* PSP9 Brushes: 7wk-boxes, 24wk-WaterlilyQuote, and 25wk-2Waterlilies (.PspScript & .PspBrush files)
(Download the PSP9 Brushes to a temporary folder - they must be IMPORTED into PSP8 or PSP9):
My good friend Ginny has a great tutorial for importing Brushes Bunny's Attic

Waterlily Materials Zip (includes the following):
* wk-purplewaterlily.psp; wk-waterlilyboxes.psp; wk-waterlilyquote1.psp; wk-waterlilyquote2.psp
* Mask 054.jpg (came with PSP8 & PSP9); akaPotsley Font

Remember to save your work often!

1) File>New Image: 450 x 450, Color WHITE.

2) Open your tube (wk-purplewaterlily.psp), Edit>Copy then Edit>Paste as New Layer.
Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur: 35.00

3) Effects>Plugins>Funhouse - Sectorize: default settings (Rho 196, Theta 196).

4) Turn ON your rulers: View and click on Rulers (toggles them on until you click Rulers again).
Position your Mover Tool in the center of the sectorized image and move image up and to the left until you reach coordinates 200 at the top and 200 at the left on your ruler (see screenshot - bright green denotes the center and the coordinates):

Turn OFF your rulers. Go to View and click on Rulers to toggle them off.

5) Duplicate your layer and with the duplicate as the active layer, Image>Flip then Image>Mirror.

6) With our original waterlily tube, Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste as New Layer.
Image>Resize by 85% (be sure Resize All Layers is UNchecked).
Move it slightly off center (to the right and down a little).
Effects>3D>Drop Shadow: Vert. & Hor.: 0; Opacity: 45; Blur: 8; Color #000000

7) Add a New Raster Layer and drag it below your tube image on your Layer Palette (or Layers>Arrange>Move Down).
Set your Foreground (stroke) color to #000000.
Click on your Paintbrush Tool and find 24wk-WaterlilyQuote.PspBrush. Change your brush tool Size to 241; Rotation to 335; Opacity to 50, then click once at the top left of working image so you'll see most of the brush above your tube. In Layer Palette, lower Opacity to 50 and change layer blend mode to Burn.

*** 7a) instructions for earlier PSP versions) Open the wk-waterlilyquote1.psp, Edit>Copy then Edit>Paste as New Layer.
Image>Rotate: Right 335 (be sure All Layers is UNchecked).
Carefully move the layer to the top left of working image so you'll see most of the image above your waterlily tube.
Drag this layer below your waterlily tube image on your Layer Palette (or Layers>Arrange>Move Down).
In the Layer Palette lower Opacity to about 25 and change Blend Mode to Burn.

8) Click on your top layer (the waterlily tube) and add a New Raster Layer. Change Foreground (stroke) color to #7e3189. Click on your Paintbrush Tool again and find 7wk-Boxes.PspBrush. Click once with your paintbrush on the lower left of working image.

*** 8a) instructions for earlier PSP versions) Click on your top layer (the waterlily tube) and open the wk-waterlilyboxes.psp file.
Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste as New Layer, then move to lower left.

9) Click on the Raster Deform Tool. Hold down your CTRL key, place cursor on bottom right side square of the bounding box, and pull straight down Just a little bit (see below):

10) Click on any other tool to remove the Deform Tool bounding box.
Effects>Geometric Effects>Circle: Edge Mode (check Transparent box).
Click on the Raster Deform Tool again. In the center of the bounding box there's a line going off to the right with a box at the end. Place your cursor on that box until it changes to double arrows and you can rotate the box - pull down on it a little. Once happy with your positioning, click on any other tool again to remove the Deform Tool bounding box.

11) Duplicate this layer then Image>Flip and Image>Mirror. You might wish to carefully use your Mover Tool to reposition this layer. Once these two layers are positioned as you like, click on your main waterlily tube layer, and drag it above the 2 boxed brushes layers (or Layers>Arrange>Bring to Top).

12) If you haven't already saved your file as either .psp or .pspimage, you may want to do that now.
Close off (hide or "x" out) the visibility on your bottom (white background) layer.
Click on any other layer to activate it, then Layers>Merge>Merge VISIBLE.

13) You may now UNhide the white background.
Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load Mask From Disk and find Mask 054.jpg (was available from Jasc in PSP8 & PSP9):

In your layer palette, right click on Group-Merged layer then Merge>Merge Group.

*** 13a) instructions for earlier PSP versions)) Open the Mask 054.jpg and minimize it in the workspace.
Back on your working file, you may now UNhide the white background.
Click on the Merged layer then Masks>New>From Image. When the "Add Mask From Image" window pops up, highlight the Mask 054.jpg in the dropdown list of the Source Window, be sure there's a check in the Source Luminance box and that Invert Mask Data box is UNchecked, then click OK.
After mask is applied, go to Masks>Delete and respond YES to "Would you like this mask merged into the current layer?" question.

14) Ready for the Vector text, so find the akaPotsley font and have it open. Foreground (stroke) color to #7e3189 and Background (fill) color to #9b78ca. If your name is longer or you don't want letters spaced as much, just play around with the Tracking setting.

I placed my text in the top example toward the bottom and then Objects>Align>Horizontal Center in Canvas.
When you have it placed (don't put it too close to the bottom since we don't want our drop shadow we'll be adding to get cut off) then Convert to Raster.

15) Selections>Select All; Selections>Float.
Selections>Modify>Contract: 1
Effects>3D>Inner Bevel, settings below:

Selections>Select None.

16) Effects>3D>Drop Shadow (using your darker Foreground color): Vert. & Hor.: 3; Transparency: 75; Blur: 10; Color: #7e3189.
To be sure your text doesn't get the cut off area on the shadow of your tag, after applying shadow:
Selections>Selection All.
Selections>Float; if the marquee (marching ants) is inside - and not touching the edge - of your image, it's fine. If it is cut off, go back and Edit>Undo the Drop Shadow and reposition your text a little higher. Then just apply & check the Drop Shadow again.

17) Continue on to Step 18, or if you like the tag as it is, add your watermark/signature. Then go to File>Export>JPEG Optimizer.
I usually Set Compression Value to 15.

18) Click on background (bottom layer). Image>Canvas Size: Width = 600; Height = 450:
Top = 0
Bottom = 0
Left = 150
Right = 0
Background = #FFFFFF, white
Then click OK. If using earlier PSP version, you may need to floodfill this layer with #FFFFFF.

19) With Foreground #4040ff and Background #c0ffff, change your Foreground to Gradient; find Foreground-background.
Angle 0, Repeat 0, Linear.
Now check the Texture box and if you're using PSP9, find Grain Long Deep, Angle 0, Scale 100.
(If you don't have that pattern, just use something else that you like - remember it's your tag).
Click OK to floodfill.

20) Click on your tube layer.
Open the wk-waterlilyquote2.psp file.
Edit>Paste as New Layer. Then carefully move it to the left, watching that you don't move the background below.
Change Layer Blend Mode to Luminance(L) or just Luminance, then lower opacity to about 35.
You might want to reposition your tube and Waterlily text layers a bit to display more of the quote.

21) Click on your tube layer again. Then Layers>Duplicate.
Drag the duplicated layer below the tube (or Layers>Arrange>Move Down).
Hide (x out the visibility) of the main tube layer then click on the duplicate to activate it.
Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur: 15.00

22) Effects>Plugins>Funhouse - SpyroZag: Amplitude - 18 (default). Move this layer over to right and down.
Duplicate the SpyroZag layer then Image>Flip.
Lower the Opacity for both the SpyroZag layers to about 70. UNhide the visibility on the main tube layer.

23) Click on main tube layer and add a Drop Shadow: Vert.: 3; Horiz.: -7, Opacity: 35; Blur: 5.00; Color: #000000.

24) Click on your bottom layer, the gradient background.
Add New Raster Layer. Foreground #7e3189 (your dark color).
Click on your Paintbrush Tool and find 25wk-2Waterlilies (PSP9 Brush---no substitutions included, sorry).
Click once on the left side of your image
In your Layer Palette, change Opacity to about 75 and Blend Mode to Difference.

25) Click on your bottom layer, the background, then Selections>Select All.
Selections>Modify>Contract: 3
Floodfill with another color from your image (I used #5250ab)
Selections>Select None.

26) If the border covered more of any layer than you'd like, you can still move them over.
Add your watermark/signature and you're done.
File>Export>JPEG Optimizer (I usually Set Compression Value to 15).


Below is another similar example, thru Step 17 with another font, tube, etc.. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. God bless, Diana

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