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©Westie Kids/Diana; Created 09-22-05 using tube by Lyle Bradshaw - thanks, Lyle! ;o)

(NON-Animated Version Here)

This tutorial was written and all screenshots done in PSP9. You should be able to achieve similar results in earlier versions. Some of the effects you may need to search for in your dropdown lists. The tubes I've included in the supplies are courtesy of my friends Steph Staker, http://www.stakerfamily.com (cowgirl tube) and Lyle Bradshaw (cowboy tube). Please do not offer any of these materials for download anywhere, do not change file names, do not send the webpage through emails, and only offer a text link to my tutorial URL. I do not wish my tutorials to be translated, thank you. You may save an offline copy of this tutorial for your own use. Thank you for your courtesy...God bless, Diana

Supplies (same as for Sundance Non-Animated Version):

Jasc Paint Shop Pro

FM Tile Tools

Font Used

Other Supplies


NOTE: When saving your work for this project, you can save as either .pspimage or .psp, even though many tuts require saving as Animation Shop compatible (.psp). We will not be "opening" the image in AS, we'll be using a Copy & Paste technique, which will bypass the compatibility issue.

1) File/New Image: 300 x 400, Transparent. Make sure your Layer Palette is open.
Change your Foreground color to #F6D870 and your Background color to #C43D22.
Next change to Gradient and look for the Foreground-background gradient which will be using your 2 colors. In the Style section of the Gradient window, click on Sunburst and then you will be able to UNcheck the "Link Center and Focal Points" box at the bottom. Check my screenshots carefully for all the values you will enter (I saved this, so my screenshot gradient name shows wk-sundance):

Click on your Floodfill Tool, and fill Raster 1 with the gradient.

2) Add a New Raster Layer (Raster 2). Click on your Gradient in Materials Palette and change only the Repeats to 1; then floodfill with the gradient.

3) Add a third New Raster Layer (Raster 3). Click on your Gradient in Materials Palette, changing only the Repeats to 0; then floodfill with the gradient.

4) Open one of the .jpg images from the zip file (I used sundown3.jpg in my example).
Go back to your working (gradient filled image) and add a fourth New Raster Layer (Raster 4).
Selections/Select All.
Edit/Paste Into Selection
Selections/Select None.
In your Layer Palette, change the Opacity of this layer from 100 to about 50. We want our Gradient layers that will be the animated portion to show through.

5) Open the getting ready_brad_RUK.psp (cowboy image) and Edit/Copy.
Go back to your working image and Edit/Paste as New Layer (this will be Raster 5).
Image/Resize. Resize the cowboy tube 75% twice, making sure "Resize All Layers" box is UNchecked.
Click on your Mover Tool and then just touch your mouse to the cowboy. You will then be able to use your right/left/up/down arrow keys on the keyboard to "nudge" the tube over to the left and down a bit. See screenshot below (resized 75% for faster loading) for positioning:

6) Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow: Vertical: 0; Horizontal: -15; Opacity: 25; Blur: 15; Color: #000000.

7) Layers/New Raster Layer (Raster 6).
Selections/Select All.
Selections/Modify/Contract: 20.
Floodfill the 20px selection with #D0AE80 (a light tan).
Do not Deselect (leave Selected).

8) Effects/Texture Effects/Weave:

Do not Deselect (leave Selected).

9) Apply FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss at defaults (I applied twice).
Do Not Deselect (leave Selected).

10) Effects/3D Effects/Chisel: Size 2; Solid Color checked, #000000.
Selections/Select None.

11) Layers/New Raster Layer (Raster 7).
Selections/Select All.
Selections/Modify/Contract: 15.
Floodfill the 15px selection with the Gradient (I used Repeats 2).
Do Not Deselect (leave Selected).

12) Effects/Texture Effects/Fine Leather: Custom 1 (in PSP9; settings below if you do not have this preset):

Do Not Deselect (leave Selected).

13) Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel (I saved my preset as wk-sundance; here's the settings):
Note: If you're using a different image, you may want to change the bevel color to a dark color from your image (I used #754F43).

Selections/Select None.

14) Ready to add our text now. If you're using another font, you may need to change the Size as well as the Tracking values. Also, if you're using an earlier version of PSP and don't have the Vertical alignment to use, just create your text and use Image/Rotate; Rotate 90 degrees right, being sure All Layers is unchecked.

Use middle node boxes on your vector text image to make your text fit inside the frame area; move text over to right, per sample.
Then Objects/Align/Vert. Center in Canvas.
Right click vector layer in Layer Palette and Convert to Raster Layer (this will be Raster 8).
(Be sure to change your text Direction back to Horiz. and Down, Stroke back to 1.00 and Tracking back to 0.000).

15) Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. Use Angled but change only the color to your dark color (I'm using #754F43). If you don't have that preset, here are the settings:

Edit/Repeat Inner Bevel.

16) Layers/New Raster Layer (will be Raster 9) to add your signature/watermark (optional).
Click on your Text tool, creating as a Selection, instead of Vector or Floating. Your color doesn't matter, we won't be using it.
I used Arial, size 14, and placed my cursor at bottom with x position at 150, which horizontally centered it. Type in your text and you'll notice you don't see anything other than the selection marquee - no color. That's what we want.
Effects/3D/Drop Shadow: This is a matter of personal preference.
I used: Vert. and Horiz. 1, Opacity 100, Blur 3.00, Color #000000, and then repeated the shadow.

17) We're now ready for animating our project, but first a quick rundown of the order your layers are in from the top of the Layer Palette down:
Raster 9 - Signature/Watermark (optional)
Raster 8 - SUNDANCE (or your chosen) text
Raster 7 - 15px border
Raster 6 - 20px border
Raster 5 - Tube
Raster 4 - .jpg image at 50% Opacity
Raster 3 - Gradient with Repeats 0
Raster 2 - Gradient with Repeats 1
Raster 1 - Gradient with Repeats 2

18) File/Jasc Software Products/Launch Animation Shop and after it loads in a new window, go back into PSP.

19) Click on top raster layer (or any layer OTHER than the bottom 3 Gradient layers - these will be the ones that are changed in each of the 3 frames we'll create).
Now red X to hide visibility of the bottom 2 layers, Raster 1 and Raster 2:

Edit/Copy Merged (this will copy and merge together all the layers without a red X)
Go back into Animation Shop.
Edit/Paste/As New Animation.

20) Go back into PSP. This time we will remove the red X from Raster 2 only, leaving red X on Raster 1.
Red X to hide Raster 3.
Edit/Copy Merged.
Go back into Animation Shop.
Edit/Paste/After Current Frame.

21) Go back into PSP. This time we will remove the red X from Raster 1.
Once again red X Raster 2 and leave the red X on Raster 3.
Edit/Copy Merged.
Go back into Animation Shop.
Edit/Paste/After Current Frame.

22) Still in Animation Shop, click on Edit/Select All to select all 3 of our frames.
Next click on Animation/Frame Properties then change the Display time to 30 instead of 10
(this will change the default 10 on all 3 of our selected frames).
Then Click on View/Animation to see your animation play.

23) File/Save As and window to give your project a name pops up (by default it will be called Animation1, but you can write over that highlighted name); then click on Save. The next window that pops up is called Animation Quality Versus Output Size. I like to have the slider bar on Better Image Quality, then click Next. Click Next on the following 2 windows (Optimization Progress and Optimization Preview). The last window gives you Optimization Results so you can see your finished animation's file size:

Below is another with changes to positions of Gradient's Center & Focal Points, slightly different framing, using stroke & fill for text; and using Steph's cowgirl tube and a different .jpg for the background (at 50% opacity).

©Westie Kids/Diana; Created 09-15-05 using tube by Steph Staker - thanks, Steph! ;o)


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and perhaps learned a little something from it. If you would like to send me an email with your results, I would be delighted to see them. ..God bless, Diana


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