by Westie Kids; Created 09-30-06. Text set to Blend Mode Luminance(Legacy) whereas same title used on tutorial page is Blend Mode Normal.

by Westie Kids; Created 09-26-06.

Above by Westie Kids (using 2 tubes from Ginny at Bunny's Attic). Variations: Used copy of tube with shadow effect instead of the dingbat font. This animation has 4 frames instead of 3 with speeds of 30,35,30,35. 4th frame is a copy of 2nd Copy/Merge effect from Step 19 and hiding all 3 shadow layers before the Copy/Merge. The first shadow layer has Opacity 60, 2nd is 55, 3rd is 50. The crypt tube was used instead of a dingbat house with Blend Mode set to Multiply instead of Luminance.

by Westie Kids; Created 10-02-06

Above by Westie Kids using leaf tubes (one with shadow effect, others not). This was started on a white background then floodfilling next layer with #936717 and using RGB Values from that color in the Crescent Moon/FadeOut effect. Autumn Deco font used for the text (#000000 stroke and #c06e1b for fill), Blend Mode set to Luminance(Legacy). Little City 2000 dingbat font, number 5, for the tree & building.

by Westie Kids; Created 09-30-06.

Above by Westie Kids floodfilling layer with #00c000 and using it's RGB values for the Crescent Moon/FadeOut/Mask effect. The Little City 2000 font, letter j, for the building layer. Added a ghost tube, lowered opacity to 42. The shadows are 4 different ones from the Tricks-N-Treats dingbat font, letters (left to right) L, E, N, F and did not lower the Opacity on them. The text is using the Che Lives font with #000000 stroke and #c0ffc0 fill and Blend Mode set to Luminance(Legacy).

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Created 09/26/06
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