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We are the proud parents of two West Highland White Terriers (Westies) and live in So. Indiana. NICKY was born 12/14/96 in New Hope, KY and we claimed the little bundle of white fur on 04/19/97. He was born with a hernia so his breeder had him neutered before letting him leave his birth home.

We adopted Abby, known then as 'Blue', 03/27/99 and the pair are affectionately known as The Wild, Wild Westies! She didn't have as nice a childhood as Nicky, however. Abby was apparently born into a puppy mill, bought, then brought to an Ohio Westie breeder when a pedigree wasn't produced. Westie champion breeder, Beth McCutcheon of Wee-Hy-Lynn Westies also does Westie Rescue work. Beth cleaned up the little gal, got her shots up to date and had her spayed before she was ready to go to her new home.

The Westie Rescue lady, Debbie Owen from WestieMed, that we worked with in our area had met with us and determined that we would do just fine as an adoptive family! Debbie has become a valued friend of ours and is always just an e-mail away to ask her advice with anything Westie! No one was positive about Abby's birthdate, but we decided on 07/20/98 as close enough, since she started teething shortly after we got her.

Nicky and Abby have a fenced-in backyard to romp safely in and they go for leash walks almost every evening (sometimes with other doggy friends!). Come back and visit our webpages any old time - we're glad to have visitors...THE WESTIE KIDS...Aug. 2001

P.S. BE KIND TO YOUR PETS (They were created with God's grace)

Nicky & Abby Wrestling: July 2001 Nicky & Abby Wrestling, July 2001

Name: Friar Nicholas Tuck (Nicky Dorsey)

Nicknames: Boy Pup, Nickers, Sweet Boy, Booger Butt, Sugarface

Born: Dec. 14, 1996 in New Hope, KY

Favorite Food: Treats, of course; IAMS Lamb & Rice; beef baby food mixed with Science Diet dry food; Peanut Butter!

Favorite Toy: "Rocky Raccoon", "Chickie" (rubber chicken), "Tuffy" (Kong), Buddy Glowball

Best Buddies: My adopted sister, Abby & "Rocky Raccoon" (my Daddy got him for me when I was just a kid, but of course, I now share the soft little guy with Abby who likes to carry him to bed).

Other Buddies: Bear Stepp (Poodle), Holly Johnson (Beagle), Smoky Hansford (Golden Retriever)

Most Fun: Abby & I 'stampede' thru the house or yard with me growling & sometimes Abby squealing with glee! I like a good brushing by Mommy or Daddy; I LOVE to go on walkies (dumb leash, grrrrrrrr) to see who wants to visit with me! Like to play tug-o-war with rubber chicken & mommy or daddy.

Name: Sister Abigail Tuck (Abby Dorsey)

Nicknames: Girlie, Abby Girl, Widget, Widgie

Born: Approx. July, 1998; we don't know where since I was a 'Rescue Westie' - bad memories behind me now!

Favorite Food: Beef baby food mixed with Heartgard; IAMS Lamb & Rice (mommy doesn't give us a lot of treats but that's okay - I don't care much for different treats, unlike Nicky!)

Favorite Toy: Buddy Glowballs; Nylabone Chews (AND whatever my sweet Nicky currently is playing with!)

Best Buddies: My brother Nicky (he adopted me in 1999 cause I needed him & Mommy & Daddy so much); "Rocky Raccoon", our stuffed playmate & bedtime buddy.

Other Buddies: Bear Stepp (Poodle), Holly Johnson (Beagle), Smoky Hansford (Golden Retriever)

Most Fun: Tearing thru the house with Nicky; playing with my glowball like a kitty cat, barking at & chasing squirrels. I also like to chase Mommy or Daddy thru the house with Nicky since anything that runs is PREY!!!


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