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This tutorial was written for PSP8 but can also be done in PSP7, if you're familiar with masks (I'll only be using PSP8 screenshots). Please only offer a text link to my tutorial. You may save an offline copy for your own use, of course, and the results are yours. I do not wish my tutorials to be translated. Thank you for your courtesy........God bless, Diana


Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Zip File
(image, font, and PSP8's Mask 101(.jpg; for earlier PSP versions)

1) Remember to save your work often! File/New Image: 600 x 600 Color: WHITE (so we can see our progress; color can be changed later).

2) Open conservatoryimage.jpg. Edit/Copy then Paste as New Layer. Minimize original. PLEASE NOTE: If you use a different image, the height should be no more than 430px and an image with similar dimensions works best with this particular tutorial.

3) Effects/Geometric Effects/Skew: Skew Direction, Horizontal; Skew Angle, Minus 25 (-25); Edge Mode, Transparent.

4) Effects/Distortion Effects/Punch (NOT Pinch): Strength 55%.

5) Effects/Artistic Effects/Topography: Width 15; Density 10; Angle 270; Color #80A080 (a light green shade). In your layer palette, lower opacity of this layer to 60.

6) Here's how your image should look so far: (yours will be larger, screenshots resized):

7) Maximize original image then Copy/Paste as New layer. Click on Load Mask from Disk icon on layer palette and load Mask 101. * NOTE: PSP7 users see text below screenshots.

Right click in layer palette on Group-Raster 1 then Merge/Merge Group.

* For PSP7 users open and minimize .jpg mask supplied in zip file. Mask/New/From Image/Mask 101.jpg/Source Luminance Checked/Invert Unchecked. Then Masks/Delete and answer "yes".

8) Selections/Select All. Selections/Float. Effects/3D/Cutout: Hor. & Vert. 2, Opacity 75, Blur 10, color black. Repeat using Hor. & Vert. -2. Selections/Select None.

9) Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow: Vert. 45, Hor. -25, Opacity 25, Blur 12, color black, #000000.

10) Go to folder where you downloaded the Coventry Garden font and double click to open; minimize on your desktop. Vector, Stroke #534333 (brown); Fill #80A080 (light green), Bold:

Type in your text and line it up to sit atop the skewed layer, as in above finished sample. When you have it positioned properly, right click in layer palette and Convert to Raster Layer.

11) Effects/3D/Inner Bevel (PSP8's Edger settings with only the color changed):

12) Effects/3D/Drop Shadow: Hor. & Vert. 0; Opacity 25; Blur 12, color black #000000.

13) Hide your bottom, white layer, click on another layer to activate it, then Merge/Visible. Click on merged layer, then Edit/Copy/Paste as New Image. If you would like your finished image on a different color background, Add a Raster Layer, drag it to the bottom (or Layers/Arrange/Send to Bottom) and floodfill that layer with your color or seamless pattern. Then File/Export/JPEG Optimizer. I hope you enjoyed creating this effect! God bless, Diana


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