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Carousel. Dorsey Photo taken 09/02/89

1920 Dentzel Wooden Carousel; what a beauty!
Dorsey photo 09/03/89.

Antique carousel inner panel and mirrors. Dorsey Photo

Carousel inner panel and mirrors.
Dorsey photo 09/03/89.

Carousel Horse Head Shot. Dorsey Photo taken 09/02/89.

Close-up Head Shot of Carousel Horse.
Dorsey photo 09/03/89.

A Carousel Deer. Dorsey photo 09/03/89

Carousel reindeer. Dorsey photo 09/03/89.

The above photos were all taken by us on Labor Day Weekend, 1989 at Great America Amusement Park located in Gurnee, Illinois (now called Six Flags Great America). This hand-carved antique carousel, built by the Dentzel Carousel Factory of Pennsylvania in 1910, was located at Fontaine Ferry Park in Louisville, Kentucky until 1969. The park (1905-1969) was permanently closed on it's first day of operations for the 1969 season due to rioting and vandalism (see story on the 'Carousel Trail' pages).


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