by Westie Kids; Created 04-13-07.

by Westie Kids; Created 04-16-07

This tutorial was written in PSP X. You should be able to achieve similar results in other versions (however, my brushes will only work in versions PSP8 and up). You may need to search for some of the effects in your PSP's dropdown lists or the Help window. Please do not offer any of the supplies for download anywhere, do not change file names, do not send the webpage through emails, and only offer a text link to the tutorial URL. I do not wish my tutorials to be translated. Thank you for your courtesy...God bless, Diana

Corel Paint Shop Pro X

Illumination Fix Toolkit by Lance Otis
Extract to your Plugins folder. It will appear in your dropdown list as LOtis.


BRUSHES (6 to choose from - PSP8 & up)
Extract my brushes, for PSP8 & up, to a temporary folder - they must be IMPORTED into PSP:
My good friend Ginny has a great tutorial on Importing Brushes Bunny's Attic

I like to make a separate folder for each tutorial I try and extract my supplies to it.

Caribbean and Kelly Brown fonts

Thanks to Ginny for testing for errors!
See one of her beautiful results at bottom of this page and more examples


1) File/New: 600W x 450H (depending on image used, may want to use 450W x 600H), Raster Background, Transparent.
Make sure your Layer Palette is open, if not, View/Palettes/Layers.
Open the image you wish to use (I'm using pirates.jpg) and wk_boxes-mask.jpg and/or wk_boxes-mask2.jpg.
Minimize the masks.
Click on your image and Edit/Copy.
Back to your blank file and Selections/Select All.
Edit/Paste Into Selection.
Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur: Radius=25.00
Selections/Select None.
Remember to save your work frequently (.pspimage).

2) Your image should still be available on your clipboard:
Edit/Paste as New Layer.
Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image and locate wk_boxes-mask.jpg in the dropdown list, click OK:

Westie Kids Mask Screenshot

If more of your image's face is cut off by the mask than you'd like, Edit/Undo.
With your Mover Tool, reposition image then add the mask again until you're satisfied.
If you like the positioning this time, right click on the layer in your Layer Palette; Merge/Merge Group.
(Depending on which image/mask you are using you may also need to resize image:
Image/Resize, resize by Percentage, making sure Resize all layers box is UNchecked).

3) Click on your bottom layer to activate, then Add a New Raster Layer and Floodfill with #d1af8f (I used this sample color for this step on all my examples).
Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image and locate wk_boxes-mask.jpg in the dropdown list, click OK.
Right click on the layer in your Layer Palette; Merge/Merge Group.
Change Blend Mode in Layer Palette from Normal to Difference.
Close off the Visibility toggle (the eye) on your top (image) layer and making sure the #d1af8f layer is the active one, use your Mover Tool to move this mask layer down about 20 pixels. You may now click on the Visibility Toggle on the top layer, making it visible again.

4) Be sure the #d1af8f layer, the middle layer, is active and Add a New Raster Layer. Floodfill with #000000, black.
Apply your mask again, then change Blend Mode from Normal to Soft Light.
Here's how the image, shown smaller than actual size, and Layer Palette look (screenshot done in PSP9 to show Blend Modes) :

Westie Kids Step 4 Screenshot

Click on your top layer to activate.
Effects/Plugins/LOtis Filters/Illumination Fix Toolkit with these values (I used the same values on all my examples for simplicity, but feel free to experiment with the options):

Westie Kids LOtis Filters Screenshot

5) Ready to add some brushes? I like to use one layer for each brush I apply - some layers added above the image, some added below, changing Blend Modes and Opacity until I'm satisfied. For some of my samples I used #d1af8f for my brush color, but also needed to change Blend Modes. For the Pirates example above I used only white, #ffffff, for my brush color.
Click in Layer Palette on layer below your image, the black mask layer.
Add a New Raster Layer.
Click on your Paintbrush Tool and find my wk-movies-loewstheatre brush.
Change your Foreground color to white, #ffffff, and click at the top right to apply.
Change Opacity from 100 to 65 and Blend Mode from Normal to Dodge.

6) Now click on your top layer (image) to activate.
Add a New Raster Layer.
Click on your Paintbrush Tool and find my wk-movies-theatresigns brush.
Change brush Size to 250, still using #ffffff, and click at bottom right to apply.
Change Opacity from 100 to 80 and Blend Mode from Normal to Luminance(L).

7) Add a New Raster Layer.
Click on your Paintbrush Tool and find my wk-movies-boxoffice brush.
Change brush Size to 300, still using #ffffff, and click in the middle of workspace to apply.
Image/Free Rotate, and rotate Left 90 degrees, making sure All Layers box is UNchecked.
Use your Mover Tool to move it over to the left.
Change Blend Mode from Normal to Overlay.
For this brush I also used Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance.

8) Ready for our text now which we will add at the top of our layer stack. Open the Caribbean Regular font, or highlight it in your Font Viewer program so it will be accessible in PSP.
Click on the Text Tool. Foreground color #ffffff and Background color #489286, type in your name, phrase, etc. using values below. Note that you can make adjustments to Leading for more than one line of text (just highlight the box and type in the -0.150 value, or another if this doesn't suit your text).

Westie Kids Text Screenshot

Right click text layer in Layer Palette and Convert to Raster Layer.
Selections/Select All.
Selections/Modify/Contract 1.
Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel with values below.

Westie Kids Inner Bevel Screenshot

Selections/Select None.
Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow: Vertical & Horizontal = 10; Opacity = 40; Blur = 10.00; Color = #000000, black (Shadow on new layer UNchecked).
Change Blend Mode from Normal to Hard Light.

9) Make sure you are on the top layer in your Layer Palette and we'll add a 5px border without having to merge our layers. I like to do it this way so I have all my layers intact to make changes to images, text, etc. at a later date.
Add a New Raster Layer.
Floodfill with the teal color we used for our text background color, #489286.
Selections/Select All.
Selections/Modify/Contract 2
Floodfill with #000000, black.
Selections/Modify/Contract 1.
Floodfill with #489286.
Selections/Modify/Contract 2 and hit your DELETE key on your keyboard (or Edit/Cut). Selections/Select None.

10) Now that we have the image created like my sample at the top of the page (be sure to save it as .pspimage) let's duplicate this copy - CTRL+D (Window/Duplicate). We're going to experiment on the duplicate copy to see how making some changes will either subtly or dramatically change the looks, comparing the images on each change to hopefully give those unfamiliar with blends a better understanding.
Click on the bottom layer and Image/Flip - see how much this one simple step can change the whole look?
Now click on the 2nd layer from the bottom, the #d1af8f mask layer. Try clicking on each Blend Mode, changing from Different to something else, and watch what each does to your image.
You can also try rotating the mask layer(s) in addition to changing the Blend Modes to see how that looks.
For my samples, I used both masks on a couple instead of just one for another look.
Try different placement of the brushes, etc. or brush colors for more creativity. You will not notice a lot of change with some of the Blend Modes, but just try different rotations, modes, etc. until you get something unique. Since we have all of our layers intact, you can go back to a mask layer, floodfill with a color and apply a different mask and rotation, movement, blend mode change, etc.
Once you are happy with your new creation, add your watermark and then File/Export/JPEG Optimizer. Here's the settings I normally use:

Westie Kids JPEG Optimizer Screenshot

Below is one of Ginny's beautiful examples - thanks, Ginny! BUNNY'S ATTIC

Created by Ginny Hopping, Bunny's Attic; 04-19-07


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and perhaps learned a little something from it. If you would like to send me an email with your results, I would be delighted to see them. ..God bless, Diana



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