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This tutorial was written for PSP8. This tutorial is just a guide and you may use any tube, brush, font you prefer to get similar results. The beautiful tube used was done by my friend, Steph Staker http://www.stakerfamily.com, and she has graciously allowed me to present it with this tut. The PSP8 brushes in the zip file were made by me. Please do not change any file names, nor offer them elsewhere for download. Do not send the webpage through emails, and only offer a text link to my tutorial URL. I do not wish my tutorials to be translated. Thank you for your courtesy...God bless, Diana


Jasc Paint Shop Pro

Blueberries Tag Zip File #1
(PSP8 Brushes)

If you do not know how to use brushes, my friend Ginny has a great tut to show you:
Importing Brushes into PSP8,9,X

Blueberries Tag Zip File #2
(font and tube)


1) Remember to save often. File/New: Width: 500; Height: 500; WHITE Background.

2) Layers/New Raster Layer. Set foreground color to #5F7535 (green) and click on your paintbrush tool. Find westiekids8 brush (Blueberry Salad Recipe) and change size to 450:

Hover your mouse over the image and watch your Status Bar at bottom of page. Position the brush at these coordinates: (x:270 y:220) and then click your mouse once:

In your Layer Palette, lower Opacity to about 36.

3) Layers/New Raster Layer. Change your foreground color to #3E4C85 (dark blue) and click on your paintbrush tool again. Find westiekids10 brush (Champagne) and leave size at 500. Hover your mouse over the image again and position the brush at these coordinates: (x: 250 y:250) and click your mouse once.

4) Open the blueberries_sjs.psp file and Edit/Copy then Paste/Paste as New Layer. Image/Resize: 90% (make sure all layers is unchecked). Effects/3D/Drop Shadow: Vertical & Horizontal 1; Opacity 60; Blur 12; color black. {Hint: to make sure your shadow doesn't extend to edge of your image file creating an ugly "cut-off" line: Selections/Select All then Selections/Float. If your "marching ants" are touching the sides of your image file just Undo the Drop Shadow, move the image a bit, then redo the Drop Shadow).

5) Paste/Paste as New Layer (your tube again--do not resize) and drag this copy of tube layer below the other (or Layers/Arrange/Move Down). Effects/Distortion Effects/Twirl: 180. In your Layer Palette, change the opacity of this layer to 50.

6) Find where you put the Fruitopia font, double click the font file name to open it for use in PSP. Foreground color to #3E4C85 (dark blue) and Background color to #BFC9E1 (light blue).

7) Click on your text tool and type your name, etc. (Note: Fruitopia uses only lowercase letters as well as numbers and a few special characters):

Position text on the image (use box to rotate; hover mouse to get clockwise/counterclockwise arrows):

Right click in Layer Palette and Convert to Raster Layer.

8) Effects/Artistic Effects/Colored Foil: Blur 12; Detail 35; Color White; Angle 260. (Note: If you're using another font, you'll need to play around with the Colored Foil settings as I did for this one).

9) Effects/3D/Drop Shadow (same as earlier): Vertical & Horizontal 1; Opacity 60; Blur 12; color black.

10) Add your watermark then save as .pspimage (or .psp if you're using earlier PSP version).

11) Window/Duplicate (Shift+D). In your Layer Palette, hide (red X) the bottom white background layer. Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.

12) Edit/Copy then Paste/Paste as New Image. (This crops the image without cutting off any shadows). File/Export/JPEG Optimizer. That's it, you've finished your tag!

Below is another created using different brushes, font (typing it vertically), and with Custom 2 setting in Colored Foil on the text. The Colored Foil is fun to play around with - Blur, Detail, Color, Angle: All these settings can be changed around for unique effects.

©Westie Kids/Dian@ September 3, 2004

I hope you have enjoyed creating this tutorial effect.....God bless, Diana


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